Student Profile: Rafi Haryanto

Our profile this week is Rafi Haryanto, a student in Year 3 who has been with the school since 2014. Below Rafi Haryanto gives us an introduction to himself including his hobbies and interests:

My name is Rafi Haryanto, I am 7 years old and currently in Year 3 and I am from Indonesia. I have been studying in BIS Adu Dhabi since FS2.

In BIS Abu Dhabi I particularly love the library because I like to read. I have a chance to pick the book by myself and there are so many different books in the library. My favorite book is all those books about dinosaur, and I can name many different dinosaurs and know some fact about them. But my reading is not always about dinosaur, I also read books about other things that I find interesting like books about animal and water creatures.

I need to say that I met most of my best friends in BIS Abu Dhabi, they are all very welcoming and always make my day in school much more fun. For me BIS Abu Dhabi is not just a place for learning but also a nice place to enjoy. I like to play in BIS Abu Dhabi’s outdoor space with my friends of course, during break time since it is shaded and its ok to play especially during winter. But not during the hot summer day. My favorite place outdoor is the snug area.

Now, about the lesson, English, Math, Music and PE are the subjects and activities that I enjoy the most. I learn a lot from Ms. Griffiths who is my class teacher. I like to listen to Ms. Griffiths when she is explaining things in the class. I always really look forward for every single school day and hoping I can excel and get better in all different subjects. Thank you for letting me write here, please say hi to me if you meet me in the snug area.

Class 3G
Rafi Haryanto