Student Profile: Ayesha Hana Shaji

Our profile this week is Ayesha Shaji, a student in Year 13 who has been with the school since 2015. Below Ayesha gives us an introduction to herself including her hobbies and interests:

June 2004 was the first time I stepped into a classroom, in Kerala, a small state in southern India. The state where the Portuguese explorer Vasco Da Gama, the first European to discover India, sailed his ship discovering the land of spices, the land of sandy beaches and towering palms.

Overwhelming emotions flooded in as I set foot into the classroom with a lunch kit and a rucksack with my brand new slate board and colourful set of chalks. I don’t remember much other than sitting on the floor with a bunch of strangers - soon to be my friends at lunch break where I refused to eat without my Mom. Little did I know that this was the beginning of a new journey.

As my final days of high school approaches, a similar kind of excitement and nervousness creeps in for the next chapter of my life, for the new journey to be explored. I joined BIS Abu Dhabi in Year 10. The last four years have been more than what I could ask for. I was given amazing opportunities by the school and Nord Anglia like the Tanzania expedition, the UNICEF summit in New York to name a few. A blanket of support system, essential to get through the final years of high school, where we have to get prepared to pack our bags and move onto the next chapter was warmly offered by the BIS community - be it the students, the teachers or the PTA. I couldn’t be happier to have spent the last few years of my high school journey in this multicultural community.

It is here where I found my passion for writing and my interest in exploring cultures and a third culture. Here is where I made beautiful connections and learned the importance of friendship and the need to belong. It is here where I learned the true value of being a ‘Global Citizen’ and what it means to give back to society. After all, you only get back what you've put in!

As this journey slowly ticks to a new era, I’ll make sure to make the best of what I have learned along the way and to embrace what’s to come.

Ayesha Hana Shaji
Year 13