Student Profile: Azza Ali Rashed Ahmed

Hi my name is Azza, and I’m in 5E. I came from Shrewsbury International School, Bangkok. I really miss that school but now I can experience another school and make new friends! Originally I was born in the United Arab Emirates but moved away and lived in Canada and then moved to Thailand. We have come back to the UAE and it is all very new.

I really like this school. So far it has been amazing, even though we have just started. My hobbies are drawing and reading. Some of my favourite events so far have been House Day because we can be supportive, spectacular and you can make lots of new, kind friends from other classes and years. I also, really like non-uniform day because we get to donate to charity and I absolutely LOVE donating to charity and helping the poor children and grown-ups. I’ve had so many teachers such as, Mrs.Cath, Mrs.Fennel, Mr.Gardiner, and a few other teachers but one of my favourites is Mrs. Tickley.

During this year, I hope to achieve my understanding of fractions, become a better writer using complex words and all the other subjects because I might be a teacher when I grow up. I also hope to make more friends and get to know a lot of the teachers in this school.

Azza Ali Rashed Ahmed
Year 5E