STEAM Festival: Student Experience

Last month, several BIS students joined over 100 students from other Nord Anglia Education schools to participate in the MIT-Nord Anglia STEAMFest in Boston, USA. Two of these students have written about their experience on the trip:

*I liked the MIT trip very much because I did lots of good things there. I learned how to come up with better ideas that many people liked and how to make that into a product. I also learned how to work together as a team altogether and make a project based on lots of people’s ideas to make one amazing one.  *

We also got to learn many different things like the science behind many sports, how to program things and how to make bacteria smell like bananas. They were really cool and I would want to try doing them again someday. It was really fun and I found out many things.

My favorite part was the Marie Curie performance. I got to discover more about Marie Curie’s life and her achievements. I also learned some more about some elements and the elements in general. We also had cake at the end, so the performance would be my favorite activity.

*I would recommend the MIT trip to people because it’s fun and you can meet lots of friends there. You can learn many things and having fun at the same time, so that’s why I’m recommending this trip to people.  *Hyunseo

*I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at MIT. There were some great activities than deepened my knowledge and helped me work with patience and together with a team. *

*There were 6 days overall in the trip. When we arrived, we went to the hotel  and took some rest and went for a long walk through the beauty and the wonderful architecture. We got a chance to go to Novartis and Boda Borg- which is where escape rooms are located and we solve clues to get a point. We also got to learn about the science behind archery, fencing and canons. There were also fun games to play such as capture the flag. *

*The Science Trivia Challenge was very interesting and we placed second amongst 25 schools. There were many ways to learn about in a variety of different ways such as learning about designing through a workshop 2.009 and about circuits and features of animals, such as how fast fishes can move depending on their size of tail. *

One of my favourites were the Marie Curie performance which explained the life of Marie Curie and how she wanted to learn science and later went on to win 2 Nobel Prizes. On the last day with everybody we got to take a walk around MIT and go for a Glow in the Dark Party with everyone in  The British International School of Boston. I

  • enjoyed this trip very much and would go there again and experience it all over again. This is a very good opportunity and I would recommend it to a friend. *Diksha