Staff Profile: Samantha Squire

This year, we will continue to share staff profiles to get to know members of our school family a little better. Each week we will feature a member of staff across all areas of the school including teachers, admin staff, support staff and more.

Our profile this week is Samantha Squire, Assistant Head of Primary and Year 6 Teacher. Below Samantha gives us a snapshot into her background and how she came to work at BIS:

If you had asked my parents what I would be when I was younger, they would have said ‘teacher’. However, it took me a while to realise this was my calling, and so, after graduating from university in Bristol, I set off in search of my destiny. After working for a charity in Exeter for a few years, I came to the conclusion that teaching was my calling and so I embarked on a PGCE at Goldsmith’s College in London in 2007; I figured if I could teach in London, I could teach anywhere.
I arrived in Abu Dhabi six years ago, after teaching in London for a number of years. Although I loved the fast pace of the city and the challenges of teaching in an inner-city school, I always had a desire to return to the Middle East, where I grew up as a child.

I joined BIS Abu Dhabi in 2013 as a Year 6 teacher when the school was slightly smaller than it is today. I progressed from class teacher to Head of Year Six and eventually on to Assistant Head of Primary. I can honestly say, I love my job; no day is ever the same and the wonderful students of BIS Abu Dhabi keep me smiling every day.

Working in an international setting can be quite transient, with both students and teachers coming and going. However, with this, also comes amazing opportunities to work with people from all over the world, who have different experiences and expertise to share. I have made what can only be described as ‘friends for life’ here, and for that I am truly thankful and pleased that I made the decision to move here all those years ago!

Away from school, I love nothing more than being out doors (although perhaps not during the months of June – August). Coming from a small, seaside town in the UK, my childhood was spent either being blown around a windy beach or getting mucky in rain-soaked fields. For a little peace and quiet over here, I like to escape in a kayak around the Mangroves or walk my dog in the desert. Travel is also a massive passion of mine and at every opportunity I try to jump on a plane and explore a new country; living in Abu Dhabi has made this possible, with so many countries now accessible and affordable to visit.

BIS Abu Dhabi is not just a school to me, it’s a community; one that is supportive, kind and caring. Being a part of the growth and development of the school has been so exciting and rewarding... I can’t wait to see what the next six years has in store!

Samantha Squire