Staff Profile: Ruth Monaghan

This year, we will continue to share staff profiles to get to know members of our school family a little better. Each week we will feature a member of staff across all areas of the school including teachers, admin staff, support staff and more. This week we focus on Ruth Monaghan, FS2 Deputy Year Leader.

Five years ago, if someone had said to me that in five years time, I would be living in the desert, I wouldn’t have believed them! Living in Abu Dhabi couldn’t be any further away from living in my small, home village on the outskirts of Greater Manchester in the North of England. Having said that, I can’t complain about the mesmerising sea view I am now greeted with, from my apartment window!

I had never thought I would leave home. It offers me the perfect balance of a small, close community nestled amongst a National Park, with a large town and then the city of Manchester nearby. A 20 minute train ride in one direction will take me into the hustle and bustle of city life, whilst a 10 minute walk in the other direction will take me to the peace, serenity and nature of the countryside.

Leaving home and more specifically, leaving my family and friends in search of a new adventure was extremely difficult. But I had a very strong feeling, that moving to live and work in Abu Dhabi was absolutely the right decision for me. Almost three years later and I still feel the same way. I have been lucky enough to work with some amazing teachers who I have learnt so much from and have helped me grow as a teacher. With that, I have met some true friends, who I know will be friends for life.

My friends will say that I struggle to have a quiet weekend here in Abu Dhabi. I am always busy, from the anticipation and buzz of F1 weekend to the more relaxed beach days. Living here, I have been fortunate to travel to some incredible places. Highlights have been swimming with whale sharks in The Philippines, seeing elephants in the wild in Sri Lanka and skiing in Kazakhstan.

I love teaching in FS2, helping to shape the minds of little ones and teaching them lifelong skills is so important. As Early Years practioners, the smaller things are our big things. Seeing the improvement in children’s communication and social skills makes me so proud. Whether it be a child balancing blocks to build a tower, learning to ride a 2 wheeler bike, write their name or find the answer to a Maths problem, hearing, “I can do it” is one of the most precious things about our job, and as FS2 teachers, we have these moments daily.

My friends will often say about my lifestyle “You are so lucky!” And whilst part of this is true, I believe you can make your own luck - I saw an opportunity and went for it. I have recommended teaching in Abu Dhabi to so many of my friends, and some, like me, have taken the opportunity and never looked back.

Ruth Monaghan
FS2 Deputy Year Leader