Staff Profile: Kayte Bullard

This year, we will continue to share staff profiles to get to know members of our school family a little better. Each week we will feature a member of staff across all areas of the school including teachers, admin staff, support staff and more. This week we focus on Kayte Bullard, School Clinic Manager.

Growing up in the Arizona desert makes Abu Dhabi feel like home. Although there aren’t as many cacti and many more camels, the heat is still the same. When my husband accepted the Head of Business Studies position at BIS Abu Dhabi, we were excited to explore a part of the world uncharted to the Bullard family. We have spent the last six years traveling, living, and working in Southeast Asia so we were ready for a bit of a change.

It all began when Dylan and I decided to have a destination wedding 13 years ago in Costa Rica. We knew then that we wanted to travel the world together. After having our two children, Avery and Dash, in the United States, we decided it was time for our adventure to begin. We sold everything that wouldn’t fit into our suitcases and moved to China. People thought we were absolutely crazy but if I could do it all again, I would. After our time in Shanghai, China, we then moved to Taiwan. This was a beautiful country with many similarities to China. Our children had an amazing opportunity to become involved in print modeling and television commercials during our time in Taipei, Taiwan. We have come away with some priceless pictures and memories because of this. The next stop on the list was Malaysia; a much greener and wetter environment awaited us on the tip of the Malay Peninsula of Johor Bahru. It is here where my love for masala tosi began.

My nursing career has spanned from hospital to outpatient surgery center to school nursing. No matter what the setting, I take great pride in helping people when they are in need and caring for those who are sick. Stepping into a management role at BIS Abu Dhabi has allowed me to further expand my nursing experience. As School Clinic Manager, the first several months have been very busy but the staff in the clinic are top-notch and I look forward to working with them into the foreseeable future.

My family and I have enjoyed the many outdoor activities Abu Dhabi has to offer and are looking forward to many more adventures in and around the UAE.

Kayte Bullard, School Clinic Manager