Staff Profile: Angela Burns

This year, we will continue to share staff profiles to get to know members of our school family a little better. Each week we will feature a member of staff across all areas of the school including teachers, admin staff, support staff and more.

Our profile this week is Angela Burns, FS2 Class teacher. Below Angela gives us a snapshot into her background and how she came to work at BIS:

My English Literature teacher inspired me to become a teacher. I have never met someone so passionate about his job and his love for what he does. He was the most motivating, encouraging and inspiring person I had ever met and always encouraged me to be ambitious and believe in myself. With this I took myself off to London where I started my Montessori Teaching Diploma and I have never looked back. I worked in London for 10 years then decided a change would be good and moved to Hong Kong where I was fortunate to establish and accredit a group of Montessori and Reggio schools throughout the island as well as work for an International school. In 2005 when my son was 15 months we moved to Phuket where we spent the past 11 years. And there I was able to focus on what I believed in the most, creating environments for these ambitious young people.

As an Early Years practitioner, I believe in an inclusive environment, where high self-esteem is promoted and all children feel happy, safe, secure and valued. I focus on the whole child; challenging and stretching knowledge, skills and attitudes, fostering co-operative learning and developing skills for life.
The environment is a place of empowerment. I encourage and support every child to make decisions, for example, in relation to choices of activity and food preferences. Decision-making builds autonomy and independence, and develops a sense of trust and confidence. A child’s early years are vitally important in setting a positive educational pathway for the rest of their lives. It is critical that the foundations for learning are established early and that children learn that education is fun.

When I am away from school my son who is now entering his 3rd successful at BIS Abu Dhabi is inspiring me. We both love the outdoor life, especially sailing, wake boarding and cycling but our all-time favourite is skiing we, just cannot seem to get enough of it.

BIS Abu Dhabi has given me many opportunities. One of them is my Wake Boarding CCA with secondary students. It is incredible to watch these ambitious human beings learn to Wake Board, starting off on a kneeboard and then a few weeks later progressing to landing the kicker (in layman’s terms jumping off a ramp) and then deciding what ‘trick’ they will master next. In January I look forward to starting my Diving CCA with secondary students and have more plans and ideas in the pipeline too, so watch this space.