Staff Profile: Nudrath Jamal-Victoriya

As our school community grows we will be sharing staff profiles to get to know members of our school family a little better. Each week we will feature a member of staff across all areas of the school including teachers, admin staff, support staff and more.

Our profile this week is Nudrath Jamal-Victoriya, Secondary Business & Economics Teacher. Below Nudrath gives us a snapshot into her background and how she came to work at BIS:

Growing up I always loved learning. I was a voracious reader finishing a book a day and it didn’t matter what genre the books were or how big - from ‘strange but true facts’ to Thomas Hardy, if it was in print and in the house - it was read! I would also get bored very easily, I had to constantly be engaged in something - on reflection it may not seem surprising therefore that I became a teacher - where I am constantly learning and being challenged.

During my 'A' levels, I did Economics and fell in love with it - it just made so much sense! As a result I pursued it for my degree and when I got my first graduate job I felt very frustrated that it wasn’t advancing my knowledge or challenging me. I decided to do a PGCE in Economics and Business and the first time I stepped into a classroom and taught, I knew this was the job for me!

That was 11 years ago, after teaching in London for 4 years where I was Head of Department, I wanted a change, a challenge and a different pace of life and so moved to the UAE to teach in a school in Dubai. Three years ago I applied to BIS Abu Dhabi and it has been a privilege to work here since with the students and staff.

Since joining BIS Abu Dhabi I have found the school to be extremely warm and welcoming. The students are amazing and the staff even more so. The school has challenged me and has supported me in gaining new skills such as becoming an IB examiner for Economics and the new leadership role I am going to undertake next year. My daughter is in FS1 and she absolutely loves the school environment - constantly asking me what she is going to be learning tomorrow and as a parent I am very happy with the level of care and focus she has been receiving.

The best thing about living and working here are the amazing people I have met from our school community.

Nudrath Jamal-Victoriya