Sports Update - “Warriors are always winners but winners are not always warriors"

ADISSA 2016-2017 Term 2 Round-up

With the end of term approaching, our teams wrapped up their ADISSA competition experience with a week of end of season tournaments.

The results were as follows:

U9 Boys Football         A          1st

B          lost in Semi-Finals

U9 Girls Netball           A          2nd

B          6th

**U11 Boys Football **      A          3rd

B          3rd

U11 Girls Netball         A          4th

B          7th

**U12 Girls Football   **               3rd

U14 Girls Football                  9th

U16 Girls Football                  6th

**U11 Cricket **                               6th

**U14 Rugby  **                               4th (runners up in the Plate Final)

With five top-three finishes in an increasingly competitive twelve-team tournament, these results are satisfactory, if not overwhelming. When considered alongside the results over the whole season however, they indicate some very positive progress. Congratulations and thanks to all of our players and their coaches for their dedication and enthusiasm throughout a long season.

We may not be where we want to be yet, but the under the expert guidance of our amazing coaching team and with the inspiration generated by our hosting of the U11 BSME Games, I am confident that the Team Falcon sports programme is gaining momentum and certainly moving in the right direction.

After all, is it not better to work hard to generate a lasting culture that will endure and serve our school community for years to come, than to jeopardise this by chasing more ethereal short-term rewards?

“Warriors are always winners but winners are not always warriors”

If this is of interest, please see this excellent post from Changing the Game Project: