Sports Update - A Hero in Our Midst

A couple of weeks ago I wrote to celebrate the heroic deeds of our U13 BSME team. Normal people who achieved the extraordinary in top-class competition.

While they are obviously very worthy of praise, I was taken to task last week by a colleague (thank you Mrs Scott-Mackie), who reminded me that we also have a number of other heroes walking among us. The quiet ones who don’t make a fuss, but achieve something heroic on a daily basis. We probably all know someone like this.

Personally, I thought immediately of Cameron Bough. For those who have the privilege to know Cameron, he displays the grit and character that is an example to us all. When the going gets tough, he gets going … and he does, time and time again. Sports Days, Triathlons, Biathlons, he takes them all in his stride.

So, for all those pondering whether they are ready to step up and represent their house in sports day, their school in a local game or to finally do that 5k race that they’ve signed up for, Cameron provides a magnificent example of our Team Falcon motto: ‘From adversity comes greatness’.

A true hero, no doubt destined for greatness….thank you Cameron Bough!