Sports Update: BSME U13 Games

Team Falcon BSME U13 Games….a new breed of heroes
We all have heroes.

Some are super-humans with incredible powers and others, mere mortals who manage to achieve incredible things. I consider myself fortunate to have found some new heroes last weekend, who fall into the latter category.

Overcoming initial doubt and apprehension our Team Falcon squad were the embodiment of “per angusta ad augusta” (from adversity comes greatness). Their achievement cannot be measured in trophies or medals (although some walked away with both) but in a far more enduring triumph of spirit in the face of great challenge.

Their courage in the face of adversity and their indomitable team spirit was an inspiration to us all and indicates a great future ahead for all of those involved.

Thank you to:

Thomas Depose, Will Masson, Alexander Arnot, Cole Stanley, Lewis Cochrane, Mohammed Al Remithi, Angus Beare, Khalifa Al Menhali, Bas Halling, Charlie Maslen-Fawcett, Cameron Stavens, Alexis Lequeux

Charlotte Pepper, Mia Seesink, Rosa Engles, Natasha Arumgan, Janet Smyth, Khalisah Ahmed, Tamsin Sangster, Rani Maes, Bethany Leach, Kamilia Arifianti, Salma Gaber

…and to their amazing coaches, Mrs Brown, Mrs Lowe, Mrs Deegan and Team Leader, Mr Baker.

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants
One of our stand-out performers over the weekend of the BSME U13 Games was Khalifa Al Menhali. Khalifa won the Shot Put and placed second in the Discus, an amazing achievement in his first BSME competition.

While he is obviously a very talented young man and has worked very hard to perform to this standard, Khalifa will be the first to acknowledge the contribution of our own super-coach Pieter Kilian. Since joining us at Team Falcon, Pieter has provided inspiration and expertise to our young athletes in Rugby and in Track and Field throwing events.

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