Cat Food Drive - Animal Aces

Inshirah Meer from Year 9 is a part of the Secondary School Service Leaders' Animal Aces. Below she writes about the upcoming cat food drive organised by the Animal Aces and PTA:

One should never hesitate to help should be the anthem of our humanity. We, as humans, should always feel a duty to help those around us, especially those without a voice.

The service leaders of Secondary School with utmost passion, believe in exactly that, especially the Animal Aces. We are a group of ambitious, like minded, animal loving people who have come together in an attempt to alleviate the lives of the homeless, hopeless cats of Abu Dhabi.

Partnership with Abu Dhabi Animal Welfare and Sandy Paws
We have partnered with two highly reputable animal welfare organisations: Abu Dhabi Animal Welfare and Sandy Paws. The owners of these organisations visited the school on 17th of April as part of the Animal Welfare Coffee Morning. Animal welfare Groups in the city are not a subsidiary of the government, meaning that they do not receive any funds therefore meaning that they must pay for everything by themselves, out of their own pocket. Unfortunately, this also means that they are not able to receive cash contributions.

In a plight to help them, the Animal Aces, with the help of the PTA, are arranging several activities throughout the school.

Cat Food Drive
Following our Coffee Morning held last week, a cat food drive is being arranged for the students of the school from the 29th of April to the 3rd of May. Every student that contributes an amount of cat food will be awarded a house point, additionally, the class that gathers the most, will receive a mystery prize for their generosity! All submitted cat food must be dry food and neatly packaged in a sealed box.

Hopefully, by the end of next week we will be able to collectively, in funds and cat food given, be able to provide Abu Dhabi Animal Welfare and Sandy Paws with at least 500 KG of cat food.

Who are Abu Dhabi Animal Welfare and Sandy Paws?
Jackie Covill is the founder of Sandy Paws. Susan Alyott is the founder of Abu Dhabi Animal Welfare. They have worked tirelessly over the past few years to expand their philanthropic movements in an effort to give the animals of Abu Dhabi, a better quality of life. They are role models for us all and an inspiration for all the students of Animal Aces.

There are many benefits of caring for animals: learning how to look after others, building empathy, developing a sense of loyalty, compassion and commitment. Helping others should never be something that needs to be thought about twice therefore you should try to ensure that you are contributing to this highly important and philanthropic cause.

The world would be a much better place if we were all just a little bit kinder, a little bit nicer and spread a little bit more love. There is an endless stream of brutalities happening around the world, whether it be in a different country, close to home or even within the family. To stop this, we need change. That change starts now. It starts in this moment when you decide to help a cat that you will most likely never even meet.