Service for Somalia - We did it!

Early in the academic year we introduced you to our service co-ordinators weblog post who was mainly made up of Year 10 students with a mission and belief that they could make a real difference and raise awareness of the plight of refugees in Somalia.  Since the original Year 10 service co-ordinator team was set up, more students from both primary & secondary have joined the Service Co-ordinators and aligned their common goal to offer their spare time, energy and goodwill to this worthy cause.

All of the planning, ideas and organisation came to a head on 25th May Weblog Post when our students held a whole school and community, fund raising event which compromised of fun, engaging activities but not forgetting the seriousness of the situation in Somalia and educating their peers on the hardship that faces refugees.

The day raised a staggering AED10,000……. A representative from the Red Crescent collected the cheque last week.

What an amazing achievement, we couldn’t be more proud of all our young global citizens!

Jenny Marsh, Rebecca Carswell & Aziza Tickley

red crescent1