Seize the day! (Before it’s gone…)

The American designer, Michael Kors said “For me, true luxury can be caviar or a day with no meetings, no appointments and no schedule” and I can fully appreciate his sentiments despite never having developed a liking for caviar.

A ‘free’ day engaging with students and staff and enjoying the high-quality teaching and learning taking place in our school on a daily basis is one of the true perks of my week. Only yesterday I was taken back to an ‘O’ level History lesson on the effects of WWI on Italy and was able to compare the very positive differences in teaching styles that have evolved over what, to me, feels like yesterday but which is, in fact, over 30 years…“Yesterday, when I was young” sang Charles Aznavour, and it really does feel like that!

Talking to students keeps the adults working with them feeling young(ish). The excitement of the students’ hopes and dreams, their, as yet, untold stories and unknown futures should remind us all to make the best of each day, to ‘carpe diem’. The opportunities, learning and otherwise, offered to our young people are wide-ranging, varied and a real strength of our school. Our challenge is to make the most of every second and to look back tomorrow, or in thirty years’ time and be proud to say “I had a go and did my best.”