Secondary Swim Meet at RAHA International School

What a fantastic effort by the Secondary Swim Team yesterday at RAHA International School!

We went to the meet short of swimmers but those swimmers who competed stepped up to the mark and competed across several age groups. They achieved many 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places in the different age groups they competed in.

BIS Abu Dhabi finished 5th overall which was a great result considering we had over 20 races without a swimmer!

The swimmers were Natasha Arumugam, Tamsin Sangster, Rebecca Pais, Julie Aphanacieff, Walid Bagdady, Pablo Gonzalez, Jeremy Prakash, Alexis Lequeux, Kurian Dony, Taeke Veenstra, Omar Gaber, HyunSeo Hwang, Abdullah El Khelek and Ole Veenstra.

A huge well done to all of them.