Science Week- lunchtime demonstrations

Year 12 students taught year 5 and Year 6 how to make slime. We wanted to  share how you can do it!

  1. Using an equal amount of water and glue, mix together.
  2. In another cup mix together some borax and water.
  3. Keep mixing until the borax dissolves in the water.
  4. Add, the borax and water solution into the glue and water.
  5. Keep mixing until it forms the desired texture.

You now have your own slime!

Secondary students performed another demonstration, ‘Bubbles on Fire!’

They filled up a bowl with bubbles and green liquid. They put bubbles on their hand and turned on the lighter. A ginormous flame erupted from their hands! They immediately shook their hands and the flame extinguished.

‘”We really enjoyed visiting secondary this week and seeing some fantastic demonstrations.”

We love Science!!

Yumna, Louise, Aleyna 6C. Janani 6D

science 1

science 2

science 3