Record of Achievement: Parent Info Workshops

Every student from Year 1 - Year 11 has their own personal record which stays with them throughout their time at BIS Abu Dhabi, culminating in a KS 3 & 4 document underpinned by the principles of the IB Learner Profile.

The student Record of Achievement has recently been launched in the Primary School and we hope that most of you got to take a look at an example during this week's parent's evening meetings and take away a flyer informing you how you can support your child's completion of their personal record.

The reason for its introduction is that traditionally, schools have always prioritised student's academic achievements and a child's personal development has not had the same profile. Our aim, with the introduction of the Record of Achievement, is to alter that tradition and provide a way that students can celebrate all their achievements, from Academic to Sporting and Social to Innovation. Creativity, Activity and Service are an essential element of the prestigious International Baccalaureate Award which our Senior School students undertake in preparation for university and our Record of Achievement mirrors many of the attributes which are required at that level.

Parent Information Workshops

To gain a deeper understanding of the Record of Achievement, find out how teachers are using it within the classroom and how you can help your child's record become a success, Patrick O'Neill and Chris Lowe (Assistant headteachers for Student Wellbeing in the Primary and Secondary school respectively) will be running two parent information workshops and they would love to see you there. They are at the following times:

Date: Monday 20th November
Time: 8:15am and 6:00pm
Location: main hall

Click here to register your interest in either of the workshops