Rainforest Day - Year 6

The day began with five lines of exotic trees, animals and explorers. We piled into our classrooms and sat down anticipating the day before us. All of the classes in Year 6 undertook a range of activities which included plotting graphs based on rainfall, art work, poetry and lots of great research. Finally, the time had come when everyone fled to the basketball court for the rainforest fashion parade. Everyone had colourful and vibrant costumes in which they paraded down the centre of the court. After this amazing event we went back to our classes for more fun and relaxing work as well as enjoying a rainforest type themed lunch together. A great day had by all!

“It was an extraordinary day!” Needadh.

“ Vibrant costumes made for an amazing day!” Kyeong-Min

“ Fantasitc fun!” Salil

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