PTA Updates

"Thank You" from the PTA

International Day was celebrated in many different ways this year in our school and we would like to thank everyone who took part in making it a wonderful event once again.

We had 28 nationalities who chose to represent themselves on the day, to the students in the ‘Taste of BIS Abu Dhabi’ morning. The students loved visiting the different country's stalls, asking questions and learning about the different cultures that make up our multicultural school. They experienced colourful decorations, cultural items, tasters of food specific to each country and more importantly, the opportunity to learn something new. It was amazing to see the thought and effort that went into each and every countrys' stall.

A huge thank you to all the parents who very kindly sent food to share. It is a large task to cater for so many students and without your generosity, we would have struggled. It is not easy to attend day-time events, we understand and appreciate the efforts that went into ensuring there was still a part of your culture available for the students to learn from. For the countries without stalls, students were still able to have a flavour of further nationalities with our ‘Other Country Stalls’. It was exciting to taste and sample, and discuss where they came from.

The performances were another highlight of the day, enjoyed by parents and students alike. It was wonderful to see once again, the efforts of students and parents to represent their countries so beautifully and with such flair.

Of course the day would not be the same without our wonderful display within The Parade of Nations. Our students are always so proud to march with their fellow countrymen and cheer on their friends and neighbours in the grand finale of the day. Thank you for supporting not only your own nationality, but the 79 nationalities that make up our school community.

As many of you were aware the PTA, together with the school, rolled out a new format for International Day, to focus more on the students learning about the different countries that make up our school. We would appreciate your feedback on how you think the day went. Do you have any suggestions for us? Anything we did well? Anything we could do differently? We welcome your input moving forward for future International Days at BIS Abu Dhabi. You can contact us at

Without the hard work of so many, we would not have had such a successful International Day. Again, we thank everyone and appreciate all your hard work in making it a fabulous day for our children.

We look forward to hearing from you and appreciate your continued support.

For photos from the day please visit our Facebook page.

Kind regards,
BIS Abu Dhabi PTA