PTA Executive Board Nominations 2018/19

We are pleased to announce the nominees for our PTA Executive Board 2018/19. We invite all parents and staff to join the PTA Annual General Meeting on Tuesday, 15 May at 8:00 am which will be an opportunity for nominees to introduce themselves before the election.

Candidates submitted their interest for the following positions:


• Amal Almaamari


• Susan Flaws
I have really enjoyed this existing academic year in this position. I love to be a part of my children’s school. Being on the board and sitting in this role allows me to help as much as we are able in a wide variety of projects which I have really enjoyed. I hope to be better again if I am able to continue into the next academic year, and with the rest of the board, help make our impact within the school even more positive and efficient.


• Jacintha Jeyarajah
I have been a BISAD parent for 6.5 years now, and I have also been on the PTA Board for the last 2 academic years and a class parent representative for both my children's classes for several years now. I have had an amazing time working closely with the Board, teachers, as well as parent volunteers in various school events. Besides being meticulous in taking and generating minutes of meetings, I can say that my contribution towards the welfare of parents and students has been tremendous, particularly in organizing and running of coffee mornings and fundraising events. I am particularly keen in welcoming new parents, especially those with a language barrier, and helping them and their children settle in the school environment as smoothly as possible. Last, but not least, I am very organised and I take pride in my responsibilities.


• Jennifer Titchener
I have served as Treasurer this year, with special responsibility for running the Second Hand Uniform shop and PTA Snack Shop. I was previously FS Coordinator for 2 years prior to becoming Treasurer. I am thrilled to have helped to raise and manage funds this year to support our good work. We always need fresh ideas for how to make the school a better place, but we also need to secure the money to pay for them! I love the fact that our fundraising opportunities always involve a lot of fun and are great opportunities for people to meet, connect and make new friends! I have been proud to work with a truly wonderful and capable group of people on the PTA Board and would love to do so for another year.


• Jenny Seesink
As a current member on the Sports Committee I believe that with my social media marketing experience from my precious job in Brisbane this would make me the ideal candidate!


• Paul Adamson
I would like to continue in the position


• Hana Alkhatib
I’m a mother of two beatuful children, Hala (4 years) and Faisal (10 months). Hala is currently in FS1-F. I’ve worked in Jordan for 4 years as a PE teacher, and 2 years as a swimming instructor…but haven’t worked here in UAE yet as I'm staying home with my kids. I would love to join the PTA because I'd love to be a super mom that will make my kids proud of me. Also, because I believe that a school is a small resemblance of what a society should look like and by making it better, we are making positive changes to our society and our world. Whether I’m elected or not, I’d like to work on getting more FS parents engaged on PTA activities and initiatives.

• Sharna Allen-Ankins
I was part of the PTA at my daughters school in Australia when we moved here I was focused on her and my son that they had settled in well with life, now my son will also be at the school (FS1) in September I would like to be more involved with the goings on at BISAD. I hope to coordinate the FS class reps and let them know what is happening in the school part of the PTA.

• Karen Boyle
I would like to be considered for this position to allow with the continued development between the fs stag and myself since creating our gardening project. The aim to keep good relations between staff and parent would be able to continue smoothly with my appointment to the role.

No nominations – will be elected by the board


• Candice Woodhead
I would like to remain as KS2 coordinator for the new school year. I have enjoyed being on the board and helping with school projects. It is so rewarding to give back to our amazing school.


• Sophie Allan
I have been on the Executive Board for about 2 years and I feel privileged to be part of it. I enjoy helping to make decisions and implement plans to enrich the lives of the students, families, teachers and School. We’re a great team and I’m excited about plans for next year!

• Amanda Van Schellebeck
I would like to run for this position again as my son is currently in year 10. I will organise another coffee morning with the parents at the beginning of the year inviting the form teachers as well and am hoping to assist the year 11's if they want to have an end of IGCSE formal. I am also happy to be a voice for the parents and students when needed. Thank you

No nominations – will be elected by the board