PTA Executive Board Nominations 2017/18

We are pleased to announce the nominees for our PTA Executive Board 2017/18. Candidates submitted their interest for the following positions:


Amal Almaamari

Build on the achievements of the current year and bring more improvements.


Chinelo Uchegbu

I’ve enjoyed working as a team member, conceiving and developing new ideas, as well as taking the lead for various projects. I hope to continue to serve the school community via the PTA in the coming academic year.


Sharyne Kalsheker

I’ve been in the school for few years now. In the past I worked with the board organising various event. I feel I can give more as part of the board.


Jennifer Titchener

I have thoroughly enjoyed serving on the PTA board as FS Coordinator for the past 2 years. It has been a pleasure to work with many school members of staff, other actively involved parents and the rest of the board to see many events and initiatives become real successes. From the recent seatbelt campaign, to fundraising and welcoming visitors to our school for the BSME Games, to helping out with the monthly themed PTA Coffee Mornings, it has been a busy year! There is always more to do, and I would be excited to see what more we can achieve together next academic year. As my youngest child moves on to KS1, I feel now is the time to try a new challenge and apply for the role of Treasurer. I had a little experience of the money side of the PTA when I was involved in running our fundraising snack shops at various events. I also served as Treasurer to my son’s volunteer run pre-school before I moved to Abu Dhabi in 2010. I have an eye for detail and value for money, and feel I could be a very good PTA Treasurer.


No nominations – will be elected by the board


Paul Adamson

It’s been suggested I join. I’m already very active in school. I’m a rare thing. I’m a stay at home Dad. I can offer a different perspective. I have been an active volunteer since we joined the school. I help run Eco Warriors CCA and I manage the school veggie patch.


Pete Mahon

I am a father to two children in BIS Abu Dhabi (FS1 and Y2) and work in a full-time role, not far from the school, looking after IT for a local family conglomerate. This year I was convinced by my wife, who has been a Class Rep for both of our children’s year-groups, to get more involved with the PTA.

Initially I joined the Sports Committee, primarily to help prepare for the BSME games, and realised that the PTA has the ability to really change how the school is working. They have a lot of work to do and I feel some new energy is needed to boost the team. My hope is that we can re-introduce our Class Reps into the actual running of the PTA activities and not just as a relay for PTA communications. I have listened to a number of Class Reps, past and current, who feel that there is much more that they would like to be involved with.

Working parents are under-represented at the school and I intend to host some evening meetings, not only to hear your feedback but also for you to hear other people’s feedback, without affecting your work commitments. This kind of environment breeds ideas; at least half of the children’s  parents in the school are rarely heard from and I want to bring those voices front and centre.

FS makes up a large part of the school – I hope to represent each of you and keep the lines of communication open and two-way. I’m very approachable and openly promote honesty and integrity. I will also be very visible; I drop my kids off every morning inside the school so will be available should you need to speak with me.


No nominations – will be elected by the board


Candice Woodhead

My children have been at BIS Abu Dhabi for 7 years and I have seen the school grow from strength to strength. I would like to add value to the school by being part of the PTA and help the PTA achieve its goals through managing communications for KS2, charity events being held throughout the year, student well being events and overall helping out the PTA in any way I can.


Sophie Allan

I have been on the Executive Board for a year now and I really enjoy it. I hope that I am an asset to the team and would represent Key Stage 3 well. Next year, my Sons will be in year 7 and 9 so I truly have a vested interest, and would be keen to carry on. I’m passionate about the school and want to help in any way I can.


No nominations – will be elected by the board

No nominations – will be elected by the board