Animal Welfare Campaign

The PTA, in coordination with the Senior Service leaders group, Animal Aces, will be running an animal welfare awareness campaign throughout the school this month.

The campaign will kick off with an Animal Welfare Coffee Morning on Tuesday 17th April at 8:00am.

During the coffee morning, students will highlight the plight of Abu Dhabi's stray cats and the amazing work of some of the volunteer groups who manage the problem. The volunteer groups are self-funded, and are in desperate need of support. By us raising money to buy them cat food we would enable the groups to focus their finances on neutering the strays, the most humane way of managing the problem. There will be a prize draw on the 17th of April, with tickets available to purchase at 20D HS each. Every 57 DHS raised will buy 7KG's of cat biscuits!

In addition, from the 29th of April to the 3rd of May, there will be a competition for which class can bring in the most boxes of cat food. Collected boxes will be distributed directly to the animal welfare groups for their feeding and neutering program.

Please help us support these great local volunteer groups this month for this very worthy cause.

BIS Abu Dhabi PTA