Principal's Update: Parent-Teacher Collaboration

During the first part of October we have seen the publication of the first set of reports for a number of year groups across the school. In the coming weeks we will also have the first parents evenings, initially for Years 11 and 13, then for Years 10 and 12 and Primary. The dates for all these Consultation Evenings can be found on the school website.

The Primary Reports are Settling-In Reports and provide parents with information about initial progress in the early part of the school year. The Secondary reports are often referred to as Grade Cards and provide early information on academic grades and levels at IGCSE and IB. By the end of this term all parents of students in Primary and Lower Secondary will be receiving our ILR reports. ILR stands for Individual Learning Record and indicates each student’s progress against 10 curriculum statements for each subject.

For parents who are new to BIS Abu Dhabi, the ILRs may be a big change from what you have seen in other schools. We have developed a new system in conjunction with other Nord Anglia Education schools so parents can know not just what their child’s academic progress is in terms of expectations for their age group, and crucially, how they are doing in each topic which forms the curriculum.

Our aim through all our reporting process is that parents get:

a) a complete picture of how their child is doing
b) clear guidance on the specific areas in which they can help their child improve

Although the reports carry a great deal of detail, I would also like to stress the importance of Parents Evenings and to encourage all parents to attend. The opportunity to talk individually with every teacher about your child makes a significant difference in ensuring the partnership between school and home is effective in helping them do even better than before.

Please do make appointments with all your child’s teachers. If for some reason you are unable to make the night in question you are also welcome to contact the appropriate Year Leader who can help arrange other times. Your support for Parent Evenings is greatly appreciated and can make a big difference to learning for your children.