Primary Award Assemblies

Monday saw the first Primary Award Assemblies take place in Years 1 to 6. After the long National Day weekend, the students were in very good spirits for the ceremonies and enjoyed the photo gallery montages looking back at Term 1 which began each assembly.

When the teachers began reading out the awards and nominees, the students were very excited to receive their certificates. This excitement was raised another notch when it was revealed which of the nominees were to receive the glass awards from Mr. Wolfe and Mrs. Ahmed.

Although not every student was able to receive a nomination or a glass trophy on this occasion, there are two further award ceremonies to come in Terms 2 & 3. There’s plenty of time for the students to work towards earning a nomination and hopefully taking home a trophy next time!

On a final note, all students should be commended for the fabulous way in which they applauded one another and celebrated each other’s successes. The teachers were extremely proud as a result of this camaraderie and they are very much looking forward to the next award assembly in Term 2.

Have a look at some pictures taken by our Media Crew of the Term 1 Primary Award Assemblies

Patrick O’Neill