Phonics and Reading Workshop Feedback

Many thanks to all who attended our Phonics and Reading workshop on Sunday, it was a great success with a range of parents from FS through to Year 2 attending. The workshop provided the parents with knowledge about how we teach phonics and reading here at BIS Abu Dhabi and the learning journey that their child will go on when learning to read in EYFS and Key Stage 1. It was a fun, interactive session which allowed parents to also develop their own skills in supporting phonics and reading at home.

The feedback from the session highlighted the value of attending and has helped us, as a school, to consider the next steps in this series of workshops for parents. Here are some of the comments made by parents who attended:

*“Just to meet new people, the workshop was valuable. Then came all the great info. Lovely staff too.” *

“Thank you for the lovely workshop, it’s very helpful.”

“Great workshop! I am now more at ease to help my children. I know where to find information on phonics to teach myself first. Thanks a lot!”

“Really enjoyed having the FS2 class come through. It was an opportunity to see the ‘exercises’ in use and how the children enjoy it.”

“Thank you so much for doing this. So helpful and informative, I’m feeling inspired to try things at home.”

“Thank you this workshop was very helpful, it would be great if you could organise more.”

“Fun, interesting workshop.”

“Thank you very much, really appreciate all the information you have given to us. Would love to see this sort of workshop more in the future.”

The feedback today verbally and in writing was extremely positive and all parents appreciated the efforts that our teachers go to in helping their children develop a love of learning. Great value was placed on the information we are sharing and the fact that we are open and transparent when talking about what and how we teach. Should you wish to discuss this workshop or any future workshops please do not hesitate to contact us. Further details of future workshops will be shared soon.IMG_1193 IMG_1293 IMG_1303 IMG_1315 IMG_1322 IMG_1201 IMG_1218 IMG_1222 IMG_1234 IMG_1239 IMG_1252 IMG_1264- IMG_1281-