Community Profile: Paul Adamson

As our school community grows we will be sharing profiles of staff and other members of the school to get to know our school family a little better. Each week we will feature someone from all areas of the school including teachers, admin staff, support staff and PTA.

Our profile this week is Paul Adamson, who is a member of the PTA as the Charity Coordinator. Below Paul gives us a snapshot into his background and how he came to be a member of the PTA:

I was born and bred in Perth, Western Australia. Since the age of 20, I’ve owned my own businesses, mostly franchises. I learnt very early on you get out what you put in. It’s pushed me to always do the very best at what I was doing. The result is a string of awards and many very successful businesses.

Here in Abu Dhabi, I’m Mr Mum. I’ve got three children, two are at BISAD. I’ve always helped out where I could at the kids' schools. I started volunteering at BISAD as a reading assistant. This led me to helping out the CCA Eco Warriors, which then evolved into me championing the school veggie patch. I discovered that many expat children were missing out on some of my fondest childhood memories; getting my hands dirty in the garden. And so I decided I wanted to change that.

I joined the BISAD PTA in September 2017 and immediately had their support in funding an expansion of the veggie patch to include FS. With the support of the Principal, Patrick Horne as well as teachers and volunteers, we created a gardening project that has now involved over 200 FS children, a gardening CCA and Eco Warriors.

My official role in the PTA is Charity Coordinator. The charity committee in conjunction with the senior students' service leaders group, Animal Aces, are currently supporting the local volunteer groups Animal Welfare Abu Dhabi and Sandy Paws. We hope to raise 500kg of dry cat food to help these groups in their feeding and sterilisation programmes. A very worthy cause and a wonderful experience for the students involved.

When I’m not helping out at school or cooking and cleaning, I like to kayak here in Abu Dhabi. I’m stunned by the incredible coastline and tidal islands. On one of these islands I discovered a large deposit of salt/gypsum crystals, similar in structure to the Himalayan salt crystals. I’ve been making lamps out of these crystals ever since. If you would like to own a unique piece of Abu Dhabi let me know!

For me, Volunteering in the school is more than just helping out. It’s great to be a role model for our kids and makes them so proud. We are always looking for more helpers. If you would like to be involved at any level please contact me:


Click here to see Paul showing students how to set up a simple lean-to tent.