Primary Open Mic Competition

The Open Mic competition gives our students the chance to showcase their public speaking abilities.

The students could do this through a comedy set; reciting a poem or delivering an impassioned speech. The act should be no more than 2 minutes long, for the audition, and they should attend the auditions on the days for their Houses.

Auditions will be held on:

  • Ash Sunday, 22nd April
  • Elm Monday 23rd April
  • Oak Tuesday 24th April
  • Willow Wednesday 25th April

Open to: Y3, Y4, Y5 and Y6

The main event will be held on Thursday 10th May.

It is a House competition and therefore, there will be only an overall House winner, not individual winners!

Parents are invited to attend by invitation only.

We look forward to seeing all the performances!