New School Catering Provider

The British International School Abu Dhabi is very pleased to announce that we will be working alongside a new catering company next year, ADNH Compass.

The quality of the food provision is of course a key part of any school. We need to ensure our students benefit from innovative school catering, smart food, healthy eating and sustainability efforts whilst maintaining good value for money.

We invited applications from a number of caterers to help take our food provision to a higher level. It was clear that what ADNH Compass can offer is significantly ahead of all other school providers in Abu Dhabi. ADNH Compass is the largest catering group in the world and provide services to schools in many other countries. In Abu Dhabi at present they manage the catering for a number of institutions, including New York University.

BIS Abu Dhabi will be the first school in the UAE that ADNH Compass have chosen to partner with and we are very excited about what they can bring to the school. Parents and students will be invited to taster sessions in the new term.

Keita Charge Cards/Voucher Refunds
Given this change in catering providers, any unused funds on student and staff Keita charge cards, or Keita vouchers which have not been used, can be reimbursed until 12th July 2018 between 8am - 4:30pm. Note refunds will be given to parents and staff only, and upon presentation of parent or staff ID.