Neptunes 'Rule the Pool' with BIS Students

Neptune Swimming Academy are a leading swimming education provider in Abu Dhabi. Our mission is to deliver high quality and effective swimming lessons in a safe and happy environment for all ages and abilities. We provide lessons from Mother & Toddler and Learn to Swim, through to Squads and Masters. We believe swimming is an essential life skill and everybody should have the opportunity and learn to swim efficiently.

We caught up with a few swimmers from Neptunes who also attend BIS Abu Dhabi to find out a little bit more about their journey’s with Neptune Swimming Academy ….

Natasha has been training with Neptunes Swimming Academy for almost 3 years now. She is a dedicated swimmer and is in the pool 7 times a week training in the morning before school and also in the evening. Natasha progressed quickly through the squads, joining in Gold, moving to Junior Squad after only 6 weeks and then a year later was promoted to Senior Squad. Natasha says the training sessions the coaches deliver are challenging and push her to achieve the goals she is aiming for. Natasha’s lead stroke is breaststroke and competes over 50m, 100m and 200m, recently winning gold in 200m breaststroke at the MEUC competition! Natasha describes Neptunes Swimming Academy as very encouraging and sociable and even if a race does not go as well as hoped, the coaches are always giving constructive feedback.

Kurian began swimming at Neptunes Swimming Academy last year.. He also moved quickly through the squads, spending 6 months in Gold, 6 months in Junior and then being moved up to Senior.  The coaches keep pushing Kurian and creating new challenges to help him reach his goals. He describes the training sessions as hard and helpful and he sees the results he wants. Recently, with the aid of his coaches, Kurian smashed his 400m freestyle time, beating a swimmer from the National Swim Squad!

Tamsin joined Neptune Swimming Academy 3 years ago. The training hours have increased a lot since moving clubs, but Tamsin says there is also a great social atmosphere within Neptunes. Tamsin continues to swim as she finds the training enjoyable, its challenging and she loves a competition! The coaches have seen Tamsin’s potential and pushed her to where she wants to be. Tamsin says her biggest achievements so far are getting into Senior Squad and also seeing improvements in her times at competitions. Backstroke is her main stroke and has gone from not only competing in 50m races but now 200m. Tamsin describes Neptunes as a challenging, competitive and fun club to be a part of!


Please click on the link below to find out more information on how to start swimming with Neptune Swimming Academy ….