Neptune Swimming Academy

Neptune Swimming Academy is delighted to be able to offer its service to all children and parents within BIS Abu Dhabi.

The below will give you a brief introduction about our academy and what we have been doing in Abu Dhabi for the past 12 years:

Neptune Swimming Academy is the leading provider of swimming lessons and training in Abu Dhabi and United Arab Emirates.

Our expert teachers and coaches provide the highest standard of lessons with emphasis on learning and fun. Our progressive 'Learn to Swim Program' allows children to develop a wide variety of aquatic skills as well as social and cognitive abilities.

We operate 6 days a week at various venues across Abu Dhabi to provide choice and flexibility to suit the vibrant lifestyle of UAE.

Our 'Learn to Swim' passport will guide parents and children through the different stages of learning and provide you with an ongoing information of the child’s progress.
Our aim is to deliver lessons in a safe, happy and effective environment.

SAFE – During the early stages of learning to swim our teachers spend time in the water with the children in order to boost confidence and make learning easy.

HAPPY – all lessons are delivered in relax and friendly manner. Learning occurs through games and challenges where appropriate.

EFFECTIVE – small groups, with a lot of attention to detailed learning of correct skills to produce a competent swimmer.

Upon completing the 'Learn to Swim' program, children have the option to enter our competitive pathway. The pathway is set in 2 main stages:

Stage 1 stroke development - Bronze, Silver and Gold squads – where children begin developing and refining the four competitive strokes. Here we are not only developed efficient stroke technique but we also focus on racing skill such as competitive starts, turns and finishes. Children learn about training routines, athlete lifestyle and general healthy living.

Stage 2 is dedicated to our most competitive groups who attend on average 10 to 12 swimming competition each season. Our top athletes train up to 10 times a week including 2 or 3 land training sessions where they focus on strength and conditioning.

To find out more about the classes and program at British International School Abu Dhabi please contact us on or on 0567253163.

We look forward to welcome you at the swimming pool.

Janie Naylor, Director, Neptune Swimming Academy