National Day Picnic

Excitement is growing as we prepare for our National Day Picnic, taking place this Thursday 24th November from 12 noon – 4pm. Students, staff and parents are encouraged to come dressed in either National dress or colours of the UAE flag.

Below you can find some further information about the events on the day, as well as some housekeeping items relating to student drop-off and pick-up, picnic basket collection, and more:

  • Program and Map

The school grounds will be divided into a number of areas for you to enjoy and celebrate this special day. We are pleased to now be able to share the map of the school grounds during the picnic –  Click here to view map

Below is a description of the events taking place on the main stage, which are in addition to the list of entertainment activities previously shared:

  • 12:20 “7 Emirates in the UAE”- Sung by FS students
  • 12:30 “Spirit of the Union” Primary Vocals and Y6 Rock Band
  • ****12:40 Emirati Beatboxer ****
  • 1:00 Performances from students- UAE song and dance

My Country   Y4         أغنية موطني       الصف الرّابع

A Gulf dance Y7         رقصة خليجيّة        الصف السابع

Dance Y4     رقصة    الصّف الرابع

Traditional Dance YOLA- (Y9, 11)     الرّقصة الشعبيّة العيالة واليولة       الصف التاسع والحادي عشر

  • **1:45 Hip Hop Dancers and workshop **

Traditional dance will be on the field throughout the day. Timings and performances are subject to change.


  • Morning Student Drop Off and Collection

On Thursday morning, parents are asked to drop off children directly to their classrooms, as there will be no National Anthem at the start of the day. Break time will be indoors this day.

Students that are being collected by parents for the picnic will need to be collected directly from the classrooms at the designated collection times (11 45am for FS and 12 noon for Primary). Those students who are remaining with their class teacher for the picnic will be returned to their classroom for collection by parents at 2:45pm. School buses will leave at the normal times. The late room will run as normal.

It is of upmost importance for the teachers to know if your child is being collected for the picnic or not so if you have not yet advised your child’s teacher, please do so.

  • Keita Picnic Baskets

All Keita picnic basket orders have been done through Keita directly, and those who have ordered can collect them from the dining hall.

  • End of the Picnic

The picnic will run until 4pm, however as mentioned above, pick up times for children not collected at the start of the picnic by parents will still be 2:45pm.