National Day Camel Competition

Untitled Untitled2 Untitled3On the 24th of November 2016 BIS Abu Dhabi will have its annual National Day celebration.

This year we will have a camel which the students will be able to decorate on the day. To enter, students are invited to create a camel design on a template (download the template here) and return to Stephanie Wilson, PA to Principal, by 21st November 2016.

The design can be completed by students at home. A design from Primary and Secondary will be chosen and the winners will have the opportunity to paint their design onto the camel during National Day!

The camel design should include:
•         Aspects of UAE heritage
•         Colours of the UAE flag
•         The school logo
•         Be colourful and eye catching
•         Fill the whole of the camels body (legs and face)

Some decorated camel photos are included for inspiration!