STEAM in Year 6 and 7

Through our collaboration with MIT we seek to enhance teaching, learning, and students’ outcomes in STEAM subjects, develop a practical hands-on approach to problem solving, and fundamentally shift away from isolated subject teaching towards a more interdisciplinary approach to learning.

This week, Year 6 and Year 7 are embarking on one of the MIT challenges: Navigating Tomorrow, ‘Greener Skies’

Students will Explore the environmental impact of aviation and various plane designs. They will learn about the history and hypothesis about the future of plane design by creating a timeline of flight.

They will then Build; investigating and modifying shape and aerodynamics of aircraft.

Finally, the students will design a Test to compare elements of aircraft design.

The STEAM components achieved will include:

Scientific method (S)
Modeling (T, A & M)
Aerodynamics (S & M)
Engineering design process (E)
Prototyping (T, E, A & M)
Historical perspective (A)