Message from the Principal - More Success in Languages

I wrote an article early in this school year about the success that BIS Abu Dhabi students were achieving in languages. You may recall that two of our GCSE students were recognised by Cambridge Examinations as achieving the best scores in the world for their Language GCSEs - a truly remarkable achievement.

I am now delighted to be able to round off the year with similar news!

Our school enters a competition called Education Perfect. This competition takes place online and nearly 2,500 schools from around the world take part. A particularly notable thing about Education Perfect is that students of all ages can participate, whereas examinations like GCSE are only for Senior Secondary students.

The results for Education Perfect have just been released and the overall result is that BIS Abu Dhabi came 10th in the world

This is a fantastic achievement by the students to place so highly in a global competition. Education Perfect also analyses success in individual languages and it is very exciting that our two leading languages did so well. BIS Abu Dhabi students came 2nd in Arabic in the world and 14th in French in the world.

Here are a few more statistics to help underline their participation and their success. Our students:

  • Answered over 1.2 million questions
  • Spent almost 2,000 hours participating
  • Came 1st overall in the UAE
  • Came 1st in the UAE for Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian, Maori, Greek, Malay, Russian and Latin

...yes, even Latin!

This is an exceptional achievement by the students of our school. They have a passion for learning and a commitment to do their best in all they undertake, and it makes us all so proud to see this lead to such international recognition. Our strongest congratulations to every one of them!

Patrick Horne, Principal