There is a great deal of football fever around at present, with two teams in particular sharing the spotlight: The United Arab Emirates National team and the British School Abu Dhabi Boys' Under 13 team!

Football is popular in countries all around the world and seems to have the effect of inducing “football fever” amongst the fans when their team does well. Whole nations can get behind their national team and this is certainly true for the UAE. As I write, the UAE is looking forward to the Asia Cup Semi-final against Qatar and schools have been closed early to let fans enjoy the game. The UAE came 3rd in the Asia Cup in 2011 and 2nd in 1996 so here’s hoping they can go one better this year.

Last weekend also saw football fever for many fans as the BIS Abu Dhabi Under 13 Boys' side played in the BSME Championships. This may be a smaller event but the supporters are perhaps even more passionate!

BIS Abu Dhabi has made great strides in sport over the past few years and are now competing at the highest levels of school sport, both locally and across the region. It is wonderful to see the great success of all our students in a whole range of sports. Different groups of boys and girls are excelling at all levels, and this time it was the boys turn.

Schools attend the BSME Games from all over the Middle East. The BISAD team produced strong performances throughout and were fully deserving winners, beating BSAK in the final. Special mention as always to the PE staff for all their work in coaching and preparing the students for these big events and, as ever, the incredible support from the BISAD parents and the other BISAD students made a huge difference. Being crowned champions of the Middle East is a superb achievement.

Our best wishes to the UAE team…. let’s hope they can match the feats of the BIS Abu Dhabi team!

Patrick Horne