Nursing Team Update

New Senior School Nurse
BIS Abu Dhabi are pleased to welcome Cherry Auld to the school as a Senior School Nurse. Nurse Cherry has taken over from Nurse Amy, who is leaving to return home to Australia. Cherry previously worked at Doha College, and has two children at BIS Abu Dhabi.

Message from the Nurse
As we approach the end of term and look forward to the holidays, the nursing team would like to take this opportunity to offer some important advice before returning in January.

As the weather cools and we enter into the winter months, an increase in seasonal flus, coughs and colds is to be expected. Please do not send students to school with symptoms of cold or flu. Students with fevers (37.7 or above) must also remain off school. Only return to school when symptoms have subsided. Students must also be free from fever for 24 hours before returning to school.

These guidelines are in place to support the unwell student and ensure they get well quickly, whilst also reducing the spread of infection within the school community.

Head Lice
On a second note, please take the time to examine your children’s hair over the holidays. We have had an unfortunate increase in head lice within the school over recent weeks. Whilst head lice are a common childhood condition, it is important to eliminate the spread of this within the school. If you notice your child has head lice please treat thoroughly. Often more than one treatment is necessary. All students must have long hair tied up neatly. Students noticed to have head lice at school will be sent home until treated fully.

Remember prevention is always better than cure!!

Thank you for your support.

Nurses Cherry, Dominic and Jasmine