Message from the Head of Secondary

As teachers, one of our myriad of roles is to prepare students for their futures. There is, and has been, a paradigm shift away from learning knowledge to developing skills.

Based on a number of surveys of the skills required by graduates undertaken by globally-recognised companies such as Microsoft, Google, the BBC, and other organisations, below is the Top Ten skills which were most often deemed very important: verbal communication, teamwork, analysis, self-motivation, drive, written communication, planning and organisation, flexibility, time management and global language skills.

What is interesting to note is the high level of alignment between what employers say are the essential skills of their new recruits and the skills developed by our International Baccalaureate students during their course. Numerous past students have contacted me to say how few difficulties they were facing during their first year at University because of the skills they developed during their IBDP course when compared to their non-IB graduate peers. On a yearly basis, my faith in the IBDP as a leading, world-wide recognised post-16 qualification is renewed and we at BIS Abu Dhabi look forward to welcoming students to join us on this exciting, rewarding and fulfilling journey.