Message from the Head of Secondary

I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend and have come back refreshed and ready for the final nine weeks of Term 3.

The Year 7 overnight camp and activity sessions were a great success and received ‘rave’ reviews. Seeing our youngsters abseiling, gutting fish, raft and trebuchet building was memorable for all the right reasons. I have never seen the Year 7s so excited and enthusiastic. We hope to build upon these experiences in the coming years. My thanks to all of the staff involved in helping to form life-long memories for our students.

We came back to our Book Week where various whistles and other sounds encouraged people to DEAR- “Drop Everything And Read” with a number of book police roaming the corridors checking for any non-compliance…it’s a real pleasure, at any time, to have an excuse to stop everything and just read a book. A number of other events, including an open air viewing of Finding Nemo, are taking place this week and I am sure that these will be reported in due course. Again, events like these come only to fruition through the hard work of our dedicated teachers.

The Learning Resource Centre is even more of a hive of academic activity at the moment with the Year 13 students taking the opportunity to revise, sometimes independently, sometimes in small groups, for their imminent examinations. The students are working very industriously and will be deserving of their ultimate levels of success. Nike’s strapline of “Just Do It” comes to mind!