Message From the Head of Secondary

One of the many great aspects of being a teacher are the conversations we have with students ranging from personal statement guidance for an Oxbridge university applicant to helping a new student find room 303. Whatever the interaction may be, we are reminded on a daily basis that we are helping young people to achieve more today than they did yesterday by challenging their, and our, own expectations.

Our students are one of our many strengths; their honesty, kindness and caring attitude makes for a very happy school where learning is facilitated- happy students (and staff!) work hard towards the common goal of being successful in whichever field we consider. Being ambitious and aiming high help shape our futures on whichever level it may be from the Senior School student honing their university application to the lost student in KS3.

Another positive aspect of working in schools is meeting with parents. Last week I had the pleasure of hosting and introducing myself to the first Secondary Parents’ Forum of the year. We carried out a table exercise where we focused on what the Secondary School did well and where positive changes could be made. It is always interesting to reflect on what we do and to plan for a better future. One of the suggestions was to hold regular monthly Forums each with a specific focus. I am happy to inform you that these are being planned and will be communicated to you soon.

Have a learning-filled week.