Message from the Head of Secondary

Isn’t it amazing that in the short space of two weeks we will have hosted the U11 BSME games, transported 100s of students to the Special Olympics and performed, over 4 evenings, our whole school production of Les Misérables?

All of the events that we enter, or host or produce are only possible with the dedication of a team of staff, parents and students giving freely of their time and expertise to ‘make it so’ as Jean-Luc Picard of the Starship Enterprise might command. Rather like swans gliding serenely across a pond, to the outsider the seemingly effortless manner in which our school excellently produces big public events belies what happens behind the scenes, or indeed under the water…

Despite our size, we pride ourselves on our welcoming and warm community. BIS Abu Dhabi has been described as a ‘large school with a small school feel’ and this very aptly describes us. Big on ambition, but with nobody being left behind. And recent performances in school have certainly lived up to our Be Ambitious motto.

So, it is time to publicly thank everyone, once again, for going the extra mile (our norm!), spending the hours and putting their lives on hold to maintain the excellent reputation of BIS Abu Dhabi both locally and now internationally.

Brian Irving,
Head of Secondary