Message from the Head of Secondary

The IBDP exams are over, we have one more day of IGCSE exams and the mid-year assessments are all finished. With the staff busy marking papers and writing, all students in the Secondary School can breathe a sigh of relief, relax and drift into the summer holiday…or can they?

Well the simple and expected answer to that is a resounding ‘NO!’ With a little under three weeks of the academic year remaining, there’s knowledge to be learned and skills to be further honed in preparation for next year.
Learning never stops.

Nobody will ever know everything with the current rate of knowledge expansion and those students and staff with a thirst for knowledge understand this and have adopted the ‘I’m a lifelong learner’ mantra so often read in CVs and letters of application. I do enjoy reading this phrase as it gives me the opportunity to ask what the evidence of this is...

Having more than a superficial interest in the world and people around you is a great starting point and can lead to a wide-ranging general knowledge, and interesting circle of friends and acquaintances which add to life’s rich tapestry.
So, with the end of the term in sight and the warming prospect of a long summer break, let’s make sure that we all keep on learning and skilling up ready for the ambitious challenges of the new academic year.

Brian Irving