Message from the Head of Secondary

As the examination season draws closer there is a heightened sense of anticipation within our Year 11 and Year 13 students. They are certainly appearing to be even more focused on their studies and many of them are looking forward (?) to the upcoming 'study break' which the remainder of the school is calling 'Spring Break'...

The external examination period can be stressful, more so for some students than others, and our challenge is to help our young people successfully navigate through this period of potential angst. This morning we held an interactive forum for parents in which Ms Brazier explained the shape of the exam year, how to help students be more organised, using technology productively and tailoring revision. In addition, we invited Dr. Adrian Harrison, a licensed clinical psychologist and former Mathematics teacher, to speak about identifying stress in young people and some coping strategies. The session was well received by all, so much so that we intend repeating the session on Wednesday 21st March starting at 5.30pm.

During these potentially emotion-fueled times, the communication between home and school is even more important in terms of offering the correct level and type of support to help ensure that the students achieve all that they deserve in their external examinations which for many will open doors to a brighter future than any of us might have imagined.

Brian Irving