Message from the Head of Secondary

Teachers are possibly the only group of professionals who ask questions, the answers to which they already know! This was turned around slightly a couple of weeks ago when a few Year 13 and 11 students were given the answer '16' and asked what the question was...'Mocks' was the answer, or more specifically the start of Mocks in 16 days' time. These are important diagnostic tests on so many levels which I know the students have been busily preparing for. Both students and staff gain a snap-shot of what is going well and what needs improvement, with sufficient time for both parties to make the necessary adjustments for success in May/June. This was one of the main reasons for bringing the Mock exams forward from their usual January time slot. I wish the students well, but not luck, in their exams. As Samuel Goldwyn said: “The harder I work, the luckier I get”.

The Year 7s are STEAMing ahead with their investigations into aviation. The collaboration, critical thinking and analytical skills were very much in evidence throughout the day. It was great to see students so engaged in this cross-curricular day bringing to the day their knowledge, prior experience and enthusiasm to deepen their learning about the ever-changing world around them.

I am sure that the PE Faculty will be reporting on our various successes at the BSME U15 Games at NYUAD last weekend. We are very proud of the students’ achievements in this Middle East sporting arena and look forward to their continuing development.
One member of staff commented to me that they would love to be a student in our school and I couldn’t help but agree seeing, on a daily basis, the range of opportunities and experiences open to our student body here in BIS Abu Dhabi.

Brian Irving