Message from the Head of Secondary

Last week saw two important events in our calendar. Firstly, the start of the Holy Month of Ramadan and secondly our internal exam week.

The Secondary School was transformed into a revision and examination centre for Years 7-10 and 12. The results of these summative assessments, covering one or more years’ work, should be useful to staff and students in assessing the learning that has taken place. What was especially pleasing was the very high rate of attendance during the week. Our aim next year is for all weeks to have such an impressive level of attendance. The ability to take examinations in one’s stride is a skill like any other and practice makes perfect. Learning how to learn and how to pass examinations might not seem ‘fun’, but they are essential in the current educational climate in terms of gaining good paper qualifications for entry to universities around the world.

Throughout the week, there was an academic ‘hum’ of learning and anticipation as students pit their wits against the examiners in the hope of a results victory…time will tell.