Message from the Head of Primary

We are extremely fortunate at school to have ample parking for everyone who chooses to drop and collect their children at the start and end of every day. Whilst on occasions this may involve a walk of 100m or more, nonetheless, spaces are available and I would like to thank those parents who are parking appropriately and enjoying the slightly longer walk and making the most of the cooler weather when coming into school.

As you have been informed, there is some major construction work going on around the school which has resulted in us changing the parking available and routes in and out of the car park in recent months. This is unavoidable and out of our control. Our fantastic maintenance team are out there every day to offer assistance with the flow of the traffic and to ensure the safety of everyone entering school. Your cooperation in following the signs, following their guidance and being extra vigilant when turning off the main road is essential in order to ensure the safety of everyone when entering the car park.

With so many cars entering a confined space and so many children and parents moving at the same time, please remember to slow down, be vigilant at all times as young children may not be seen in between cars and be patient. The safety of everyone around school is all of our responsibility and your cooperation in following these simple points will ensure that everyone remains safe.

Thank you as ever for your support,
Mike Wolfe