Message from the Head of Primary

The eyes of the World have once again been focused on Abu Dhabi this month with the Louvre celebrating its first anniversary at the beginning of November. Drawing inspiration from the UAE's geography and history, the Louvre Abu Dhabi is an architectural masterpiece. Designed as a micro-city, it consists of 55 detached rooms that visitors can wander in and out of as they would an Arab medina. Waterways reminiscent of Abu Dhabi's historic falaj irrigation system run through the museum, inspiring calm and reflection. Above, a massive, latticed dome casts a "rain of light" in the same way that palm fronds scatter sunlight throughout an oasis.

Both architecturally and curatorially, the Louvre Abu Dhabi is designed to be a meeting point for cultures. It is the first universal museum in the Arab World, and its collection of more than 600 artifacts tells stories of human creativity that transcend place and time. Organised into 12 chronological chapters, the galleries reveal humanity’s common threads from pre-history to today.

This coming week sees the shift from Art to that of Music and Sport as the Abu Dhabi Formula 1 race comes back to the city for its 10th year. Despite the drivers and constructors championships already decided, it promises to be an exciting event with no team orders coming into play. It will be the last race for the outstanding Fernando Alonso, Kimi Raikkonens last drive for Ferrari, Lewis Hamilton will want to end his championship season on a high, whilst the young talent of Max Verstappen will be certain to push everyone to their limits. If that were not enough, Guns and Roses will close out the weekend, does it get any better than that? Please excuse my indulgence!

We are yet again reminded of the outstanding opportunities that are presented to us as we live in this vibrant and culturally diverse city and country, enjoy your week ahead!

Mike Wolfe, Head of Primary