Message from the Head of Primary

The UAE flag is a symbol of great pride to Emiratis, but what does it mean?


The country's fifth flag day will be celebrated across the country on Thursday. Although Flag Day is usually held on November 3, the Government called on all ministries, federal bodies and their affiliates to raise the UAE flag at 11am on Thursday as a show of unity, patriotism and loyalty to the Emirates and its leadership. Created in 1971 for the country’s formation, the flag of the United Arab Emirates is a symbol of much pride for Emiratis. Like the flag of every nation, it must be respected and treated with honour. While the UAE’s flag is made up of the traditional pan-Arab colours, what those colours represent is important in a special way to Emiratis.

UAE Founding Father, Sheikh Zayed, hoists the Federation Flag with the Rulers of the Emirates following the declaration of the Union on December 2, 1971.


So, what do the colours mean?

Red represents hardiness, bravery, strength and courage. The vertical red band can also be interpreted as binding all the other meanings together in unity.

Green represents hope, joy, optimism and love. It can also symbolise the country’s prosperity.

White represents peace and honesty. White is the purest colour and is interpreted by some to symbolise cleanliness.

Contrary to popular belief, the black band does not represent oil. It stands for the defeat of enemies, and also strength of mind.

Quick Flag Facts

  • This is the fifth Flag Day, which was declared in 2013 by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai.
  • The flag was designed by Abdullah Mohammed Al Maainah.
  • The flag was first raised by UAE Founding Father Sheikh Zayed on the day of the emirates' union on December 2, 1971.
  • In 2015, a team completed the largest UAE flag, 1.5 metres wide and 5.75 kilometres long.
  • During celebrations, the flag should be made of nylon and the weight should be at least 122.5g per square metre.
    Owners of the flag should check on its condition every 45 days to ensure it is not damaged.
  • The federal flag is also used as the flag of Fujairah.

I’m sure you will join us in congratulating the UAE as it celebrates its annual flag day on Thursday. We wish the country continued prosperity and are proud to celebrate this important event with our host country.

Happy Flag Day!