Message from the Head of Primary

To many of us, the sound of an early morning alarm is something we do not look forward to. Whilst the snooze button may appear to be our best friend, it is never really a good idea as it causes us to move even faster on a morning, rush things and invariably ends up in us being late for many things. Arriving at school on time each day can benefit students’ academic performance and future professional habits. When a student arrives at school with time to spare, they have the luxury of settling in, catching up with their friends and time to focus on the day ahead. They have time to literally and figuratively wake up.

After the National Anthem has been played and students report to class for registration, it is also an opportunity for teachers to share important reminders and school related information. In addition, students have this window of opportunity to tell the class teachers their exciting news or show something of particular interest. Students who repeatedly come late often miss out on these details, starting the day unprepared and flustered. Arriving at school every day can help students develop the habit of being punctual, which will serve them well as they move through school, university and their future careers. Your support in ensuring that all students arrive at school with plenty of time to spare is appreciated and ensures a smooth and productive start to the day for everyone.

Mike Wolfe