Message from the Head of Primary

The Benefits of The Performing Arts

Last night I had the pleasure of watching the opening night of “Annie” performed by an exceptional group of students.

Along with a packed and appreciative audience, we were entertained for over two hours enjoying a combination of scripted dialogue, humour, music and song. To be the centre of attention knowing that the assembled audience are focusing on your every move requires great inner confidence which many of us may not have had when we were students or even have as adults today. It came as no surprise to see some of the students performing as we already know that this is their passion and have been mesmerised by many of their previous performances.

However, with such a large cast, there were many faces I recognised making possibly their first public appearance, students who are actually quiet and reserved during the normal school day. The smiles on their faces and those of their proud parents and friends undoubtedly made all of their hard work and preparation worthwhile. As always at BIS Abu Dhabi, we focus on developing the whole individual with Drama and Performing Arts permeating our curriculum and CCA programme. The benefits of children taking part in Drama and Performing Arts activities have been well documented and are summarised in the following link that you may find interesting:

Our collaboration with Juilliard who are widely regarded as one of the world's leading music and dance schools, with some of the most prestigious arts programs will only strengthen and benefit the students in our school as we continue to move forward. Congratulations to all the students, staff and parents involved in this production, we are all immensely proud of you.

Mike Wolfe, Head of Primary